Dan Chorost Lectures in Amsterdam About Offshore Wind Energy

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SPR partner Dan Chorost recently lectured in Amsterdam about American offshore wind energy development at an “Expert Meeting” hosted by the Dutch law firm Stibbe B.V. and Pondera Consult.  The Expert Meeting was organized in connection with the annual WindEurope Conference & Exhibition, for which approximately 8,000 people gathered in The Netherlands.   

The Expert Meeting focused on the future of global offshore wind.  Dan and the co-lecturers discussed the key drivers behind the success of offshore wind in northwest Europe, the pace of global market development, and prospects and obstacles for offshore wind development in the United States.  Other Expert Meeting lecturers included Hessel de Jong, who leads Shell’s global offshore wind efforts; Hans Timmers, chairman of the Dutch Wind Energy Association; and Matthias Haag, CEO of the Gemini Wind Park.

During his lecture, Dan provided an overview of the American regulatory system for the development of offshore wind energy, and discussed the current status of offshore wind energy development on both coasts and in the Great Lakes, including the record-breaking auction for the Empire Wind Energy Area won by Statoil Wind US LLC in 2016.  He also described efforts that states like New York are undertaking to promote such development, including New York State’s recent request that the U.S. Bureau of Ocean Energy Management identify and lease new wind energy areas off of New York’s Atlantic Coast in an “Area for Consideration” that New York identified as being best suited for such development.  Finally, Dan provided insight into past and present litigation over offshore wind development, as well as lessons learned from the Block Island wind farm and the ill-fated Cape Wind project.  Event information and presentation materials are available on Stibbe’s website.

SPR is pleased to be playing a role in the development of the New York State Offshore Wind Master Plan, which will be unveiled in early 2018 by New York’s Governor Andrew Cuomo.

For more information about offshore wind energy development, please contact Dan Chorost, Elizabeth Knauer, Jeff Gracer, or Katherine Ghilain.



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