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SPR attorneys successfully defended the appeal of their summary judgment victories for the defendants in Next Millennium Realty, LLC v. Adchem Corp. (16-1260-cv) in the Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit. The May 11, 2017 order dismissing the appeal upheld three successive summary judgment decisions by the District Court. These decisions (1) rejected the … Read Post

SPR Principal Dan Chorost and Associate Priya Murthy wrote the lead article in the August 2015 issue of Environmental Law in New York.  The article, “Demonstrating Divisibility at Sediment Megasites: Building a Case Against Joint and Several Liability in Superfund Waterways,” provides practice commentary on a defense to Superfund liability in contaminated waterways. Contaminated waterways … Read Post

SPR attorneys have secured a victory on summary judgment for several defendants in Next Millennium Realty, LLC v. Adchem Corp. The plaintiffs in Next Millennium are the current owners of a contaminated site in Westbury, New York. They sought to recover millions of dollars in remediation costs for that site – which is a portion … Read Post