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Crains New York Business reports that two bills related to recovery from Superstorm Sandy were passed unanimously by the New York City Council on March 13, 2013. One bill creates additional City oversight over the physical elevation of homes, in an effort to prevent home collapse or construction accidents associated with subpar construction work. According … Read Post

The Wall Street Journal’s Environmental Capital examines the implications of a national electrical transmission grid.  Some have argued that a national power grid is a necessary facilitator for developing more renewable energy sources.  However, a report released by the Duke Climate Change Policy Partnership points out that a national electricity grid could also facilitate transmission … Read Post

Todd Woody at Green Inc. takes a look at the financing and Power Purchase Agreement arrangements between Pacific Gas & Electric (PG&E) and BrightSource Energy, a solar plant developer from Oakland, CA.  The transaction also included a technology royalty agreement, the first of its kind that PG&E has entered into.  Read the full account at the link … Read Post

The Times’ Andy Revkin posts an interesting take on the Obama Administration’s pledge to invest $150B to stimulate energy innovation–and how much of that money is slated for traditional “research & development,” and how much may go towards deployment of existing technologies.  Read more at Revkin’s Dot Earth blog, below. Dot Earth: How Many D’s … Read Post